Big Clock

Big Clock

I have been feeling the pressure of that all-present abstraction we are all subject to – time. The days slide by in a slippery goo.

I have long romanticized about being able to live without sleep. How fantastic would it be to be able to be productive 24 hours a day? Or be unproductive – It would be up to you! Then again, I would probably still fill that time with anxiety and a general sense of unfulfillment.

This big clock not only services as timekeeper, but also as a very effective wall filler. At 3 feet across it can be seen from many a vantage point without any excuses for not knowing what time it is: time to get off your ass and make it happen.


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4 thoughts on “Big Clock”

  1. The clock is so full of detail yet so wobbly. Perhaps it is one second from melting off the wall?:P

    I do not even care to think of a life/world without sleep. As much as I grow restless when I wake and when I go to bed because I can’t seem to fit enough into a day and want to achieve so much more…sleep is just as delightful when it provides the opportunity for a pleasant dream. I can’t say most of my dreams have been pleasant. But, some nights/mornings in bed, I get the best of my creative “story seeds” which could one day become great epics.

    Lesson to be learned from this and countless old stories: Often what we think would be better can bite us in the ass when our fellow man turns the asset into an ass-muncher. Or…something like that. In other words, the grass is not greener on that other side. In fact, creating the ability for man to live or work or have sex longer has its own set of consequences. If man can work all day, he has no excuse for not being more productive at work. End result of this exercise? Another explosion of utter chaos. Granted, it would be harder to commit crimes:P But, there would also be a higher consumption of energy and resources…which would probably lead to more fighting and less peace.

    How’s that for a law of physics? A body at rest…there is no rest now that there is constant motion. Madness.

    The opposite would be just as disastrous but much quieter. If no one is productive all day (or do we take turns being unproductive?…and how does that affect team morale?), the world slowly goes to pot…and we all just stare up into space until the volcanoes and tides wash our generation/s away. Eventually, man is replaced by some new evolution. Maybe what we do now is just delaying the process.

    As for clocks and the pressure to perform, I don’t like hearing anything ticking while I work or do anything else (for that matter). It’s irksome. Not motivating.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Writing Bolt! You are more than likely correct that no-sleep would not work for society. HOWEVER – What if it were just my super power? Huh? Yeah!

      1. You’d have to keep it a secret identity and hope no one catches you awake all hours of the day:P Or, take on different identities (shapeshift) each shift. You could manage more jobs that way, save more for retirement and probably travel the world with greater ease.

  2. A very “timely” post for me, with looming deadlines! Love the drawing ā€” I need a big, big clock like that. And I love the idea of not sleeping as a superpower ā€” how do I get it (I’d miss the dreams, though)? šŸ˜€

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