Winter Coat

Winter Coat

Moving from the cliche part of sunny Southern California to Virginia meant that  we had to deal with seasons. And it turns out that we moved during a doozy of a winter. With record cold spells and snow dumps, I needed a coat. People from places with real winters might think that not having a thick coat is ridiculous. I say that living in places with below zero weather is ridiculous. One thing is for sure: winter lasting this long is ridiculous.

This coat was purchased at the local Good Will, so I can only imagine the history it might contain. Perhaps it was stitched together in a far off land of mystery and intrigue. Perhaps purchased at Smith and Sons’ Men’s Shop in 1967 by Karl Washington, and worn everyday that winter to his bearings fitting job in Dayton, Ohio. Or maybe it was lost in the back of James Celeritas’ closet and only found after his funeral. Or last month Bill Nueston decided he needed a change of pace, gave away everything, and moved to Southern California.

See the coat in person here –


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