A View

A View

In all our travelling and moving from home to home, have we never had a view. This is probably THE feature that cemented my desire to move to Charlottesville. I have always loved unadulterated nature, but have never lived so close to it. To actually be able to wake up and a stunning sunrise or sunset from inside my house is amazing. I do feel a bit of selfish guilt that my house “adulterates” the experience for others and nature itself … Ah well.

We just got through our first winter here. After living in Orange County, California for many years, winter was a spectacularly new experience for us. The eccentricities of the seasons might get bothersome in the future, but for now they are are pleasantly novel for us. Spring is especially great with all the new green and cherry blossoms and wildlife scampering about.

I wanted to play with a bit more saturated color than I have using lately. It is appropriate and accurate for the view outside our deck. There really are some amazing colors out there. Perhaps the most unrealistic thing about this piece is the interaction of the wildlife. We have two squirrels. They are huge piggy-butts that eat everything like it is the last thing they will ever get a chance to eat. I sometimes wish those birds would protect their feeder better and attack those greedy, furry pigs.


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