Sea Shell

Sea Shell

It has been too long since I have contributed here! I have a good problem: busy with other work. I post non-possession work to my behance page if you want to look at other things I have been up to.

This “week’s” drawing is one of the shells from my collection. I was unaware that I even had a collection of shells until finally unpacking one of those unmarked moving boxes in the corner of the bedroom. There are still more of those nagging boxes filled with questionable content, so plenty of future fodder for drawing.

There is a local artist here in Charlottesville named Michael Fitts whose inspiring paintings I saw a several weeks ago and felt an affinity to. He paints singular, iconic objects on found metal, evoking a surreal symbology that is both universal and personal and strangely archaeological. I liked the idea of that wonderful texture that the found metal gives his paintings, and decided to appropriate that here. Also, the shape of the shell called for some dramatic lighting while still trying to achieve the graphic nature of my more typical style of drawing. I’m not sure it is entirely successful as piece in and of itself, but it is kind of interesting. Yes, no?



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