I really like books. It is actually a problem for me. Moving from one apartment to another can be a muscle building activity. Design and Art books have an especially strong pull for my eyeballs. Charlottesville has quite a few indie book stores which I am generally forbidden from entering. I certainly don’t need another de Vinci or Ralph Steadman book, as much as my weak brain might ache for it.

Still, every now and then I need new inspiration in the form of thinly sliced trees neatly stacked and bound. Typography of the hand drawn variety has been an obsession of late, so this one fits nicely on the overburdened shelf.



I have never owned a ladder before this inherited one. They are useful things, and not just as metaphors. One can reach higher places. And I mean that in not just a metaphorical manner. I really feel this is the year I will step up my game! Although ladders are not play things, so I guess I mean that purely metaphorically.

Table and Chairs

We finally got my dead Mother-in-Law’s stuff. Among all of it, the one thing my wife and I wanted the most was the hand-carved table and chair set. Like many of her things, it is a bit more ornate than I would normally have, but it is pretty cool. Even more, it is great to eat at a table and sit on comfortable chairs! We were eating meals gathered around the ol’ cardboard boxes on the floor before setting this up.

It is almost a shame to cover the table with dishes and food. The relief carving below the glass depicts a country Filipino scene with farming and celebration. There is also a matching china cabinet, but that is for another drawing.

Pen and Pencil

Pen and Pencil

Since moving to Charlottesville, Virginia in early December 2013 we have been somewhat camping in our house without any of our things. We could be much worse off, but it isn’t so cool. Our “full service” moving company has proven to be less than stellar. In fact, they have caused me to dislike ALL moving companies. Any future moves will be handled by me and my abundant, hard working, and amply muscled friends.

Living without our collected stuff has got me thinking about Stuff, in general. What stuff is important? What stuff is clutter? What stuff is completely unnecessary to own, but still pretty awesome? Needed or unneeded, it is all just stuff.

Even without other stuff, a pen or pencil is vital for me to doodle. I love my sketchbook and without it, I am lost. I figured that a simple drawing of the most basic tools would be appropriate for the first entry in this blog!

I hope that you’ll stick around and see all my stuff! It might take a while to draw it all.