San Mateo (Hull)

San Mateo (Hull)

Come sail away. Come sail away with me … once I put the sails on.

On my second anniversary with my first wife, we celebrated with some gift giving. (It will be 13 WONDERFUL years this year, and gift giving isn’t as common any more … because I’m a jerk.) She gave me a model ship kit that I had been jonesing for … for a while. I don’t remember what I gave her. Diamonds? Anyway, I was really excited about getting to work right away on this 3 foot long, 3 foot high, detail-ridden beauty. And I did for for many weeks during grad school. I listened to books on tape – yes, tape – and carefully filed and glued and bent small delicate pieces of wood and metal. Then I got busy with other things and it lingered, sometimes for years. It always got picked up again when I had the space and time. I felt so amazed at the beauty of the wood grain and classic design every time I finished a major portion, like planking the hull or assembling the cannons.

Then we had kids.

Baby proofing the house meant putting up high or even away things like files and knives and large breakable boats. Once The San Mateo was put away it was out of itinerary as well. For about 6 years.

Now we are finally in a space that is roomy enough to have the boat and necessary tools out, and the boys are old enough to respect my space, I just might make some meaningful progress. Sail on.