Piggy #1

My wife and I started collecting piggy banks many years ago for the typical reasons, namely save money for some romantic trip to an exotic place like Italy. The caveat for our collection was that they had to be unique and WITHOUT removable plugs in the bottom. This is that they would be interesting shelf items to attract the eye, but not the hands in tight times. The plan has always been to cash out someday. Due to the closed off nature of the pigs, it would be dramatic. A “Flying Pig Party”, I always called it. I even have a Christopher Guest style documentary all worked out in my head.

However, that special day has not come . . . yet.

This happy porker is actually from one of those far off places – a Taiwanese night market. I bought it there during a business trip and stuffed him home in my carry-on. He is hand-carved and, unfortunately, does have a removable plug in the bottom. Because of this and his larger size, he mainly holds pennies and nickels. That might also be because the quarters were too easily removed when laundry day came. Who’s to say?

This drawing was done with an extremely unexotic tool – a ball point bic pen.